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Palazzo San Donato, was built during the Renaissance period from the reconstruction of two medieval towers, at the time of Montepulciano’s foundation.

The building has maintained its original division of the rooms, as well as the interior furniture. The facade overlooks the main square Piazza Grande, while from the rear of the building you can enjoy the view of the valley and the hills of Val d’Orcia, Pienza and San Quirico. The large attic is habitable with the medieval cellars placed on two floors and the antique marvelous red brick vaulting.

Going inside the Palazzo San Donato is pure magic and when you close the door, you go back in time and you are surrounded by the charm of the early 19th century, with the original furniture and fine luxury, that today have gone lost. Entering the house feels like getting in a museum, that means living a quite special experience, where you will find yourself in the early 19th century, sleeping among the works of art as if time has stopped two centuries ago; it is certainly an emotional, charming, romantic and at the same time quite a unique experience.

The love for this historical period, so luxurious and rich in beauty, led us to renovate the Palazzo in Montepulciano according to the original architectural structures and using only furniture, unique pieces, that remind us of past times in a fascinating atmosphere. What we want to make you feel and live is this atmosphere and magic moments for an unforgettable holiday in the hotel in Montepulciano.

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